Special Updates

As many of you know, Zasio, the software provider of Versatile, is moving its customers from version 7 to 8.3. The State Records Center in concert with DOA’s Division of Enterprise Technology has worked in a test environment for several months to compare the version features and verify functionality. We are happy to report that while the screen displays have changed, the data fields and functionality of Versatile have not.

Implementation of Versatile version 8.3 was completed on January 21, 2016. You can find updated instructions for ‘Submitting New Inventory’ and ‘Searching and Requesting Existing Inventory’ on the State Records Center (SRC) website linked below by using the Quick Link: Inventory & Orders.

General Information

For questions regarding State Records Center (SRC) operations, including rates, approved storage cartons/boxes, and records destruction options, go to the SRC website.

Only SRC approved cartons/boxes can be used for records storage. We will not accept any other cartons/boxes for storage at the SRC. Our drivers will refuse pickup of anything else and you may be charged an extra trip charge.

To order approved storage cartons/boxes review the Fact Sheet "Records Center Storage Boxes - How to Order" on our website listed above.

If you have any questions on this site, the features of this program or any of the following webpages, please contact us at 608/266-2995.

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